Soapy Spotlight: Royalty Soaps

I love to browse Etsy, Youtube and even google handmade soap businesses! The soap making community is a very friendly, helpful community that thrives on the increase in soap makers. The more soap makers means the more customers introduced to the quality product you offer! So I’ve found a few soap making YouTube channels and decided to feature one that I love to watch: Royalty Soaps. (See below for links to all her stuff!)

A delicious hot chocolate bar of soap! Yum!

A delicious hot chocolate bar of soap! Yum!

Royalty soaps is a handmade soap shop created by the sweet soap maker Katherine. She is very active in social media with a YouTube, Etsy, Pinterest, Facebook and a blog! Despite all these websites to juggle she still takes time to film her creating the soaps you see on her shop. If you wanna see the Hot Chocolate soap being made check it out here: She also has a video where she cuts into the soap:

I haven’t ordered from Katie yet but I’m very closely eyeing the Hot Chocolate and Sparkling Fruit Punch soaps. Aside from bar soap she also makes soap cupcakes and bath bombs. Even though she is a young girl soaping in her Texas shed I see great things in her future. She has a silly disposition I can identify with that is a breathe of fresh air from the serious, instructional style some soap makers have adopted. I wish you Well Katie and I hope I gave everyone a good idea of what you are about! I would encourage everyone to make a purchase from Katie and support a small business run by a face you can connect with.






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